zondag 7 december 2008

Tutorial on how to download free games for samsung D900i

How to download and play free games for Samsung D900i!

Ok, before i start, i want you to know that my English isn't that good. I apologize for that and i really hope you can understand me.

Many people have trouble to download and play free games on Samsung D900i. There are some tutorials, but they NEVER worked for me -.-. One of them was a method were you had to download javauploader and a bluetooth software program. Never worked for me. Now i finally found a method that works for me, so i wanted to share it with you guys =). Another reason why i want to share it with you all is that its redicilous to pay €5 for a 100~400 kb game. You also all know that a mobile game is a .jar or a .jad file. ( for a pc game its .exe file ). A FAQ at the end :), so everything should be fine =).

Lets Start!

1. Go to

2. Click on Free Mobile Games on the left side.

3.Choose a Game.

4.Download the .jar file to your destkop. To download a .jar file from the game u just clicked, go to:
http://wap.mobiles24.com/ on your computer, ( you have to register, its free :)! ) log in, write down the ID Number wich u can see under the game u just clicked on mobiles24. After u inster the ID Number, click download. Now u save the .jar file on your Destkop.

5. Next go to
http://www.euploader.com/index.php?action=upload ( Dont be scared or cry, this site is slow, so be patience while its loading, it isnt a broken link! :P ) and upload the .jar file u just saved on your desktop. After uploading, you will see 2 things: "ID" and "Code".

6. Next, a hard task, take your Samsung D900i! Not to hard i hope :(....^^. Ofcourse you need internet/Wap on your phone to use the internet on your Mobile phone. Thats obvious.

7. Go with you Samsung to:
http://euploader.com/wap/index.php and put the ID and Code you got from the site into the page. Then click get file/download. Now you will see a java background with 0%. And my phone, the samsung D900i STAYS at 0%, BUT, it isnt. Dont think it isnt downloading, because it is. Now, while its downloading ( you will still see the 0% ), eventually it will say: *name* has been downloaded succesfully, would you like to continue downloading? If you press yes, you can insert another ID and Code. If you press No, the game will start, and be saved into your Java Games on your Mobile :).

I really hope this will work for you, really!


Q: When downloading, i get an error saying: Error in Application.
A: Ignore it, and try downloading another game. U have 15-20% Chance that a game wont work, but the most does! If you keep ketting this error, do the following ( only if you keep ketting the error! ):

Enter *#52828378#, just like you want to call someone.
Enter OTA Type Setting Menu
Switch from GPRS OTA to SERIAL OTA
Now it should work!

Q: So, is this totally free?
A: Yes, but ofc u need to pay the internet/wap on your mobile ^^, which depends on your provider.

Q: After waiting at the 0% download section, error appears: "Max .Jar file Reached"
A: I also didnt knew why i sometimes get this error. But the problem was that if you try to download a jar file witch is 500kb+, then you will recieve that error. So make sure to stay and download games that are 499kb or less.

Please, if this helped you, and you were able to download games, i would really appriciate if you donate some money :(. I know mostly of you will think: "I wont donate, i have my games, and thats it". But i know that there are some people in the world with a good heart, and thats why i help you guys. And please remember, i wrote this just to help you so you wont spend money to buy games, NOT for the donation, but i would really appriciate it.
Thank you all for reading, understanding and goodluck with this Tutorial.

ps: i really really appologize for my bad English =(, so i really hope u can understand so it will succeed for you. And ofcourse, if you have questions, ask me, ill try as hard as i can to answer them for you :).
bye :)